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About us

Autônomo Pty Ltd was formed in 2018 and takes pride in being a West Australian owned and operated business. Since inception, our vision has been to provide our customers with unsurpassed workmanship and service in the technology sector.

By focusing on reliability and quality, Autônomo continues to demonstrate sound performance in delivering our technology solutions across Australia.

With over 40 years’ experience, our reputation has been built upon strong / trusting customer relationships and results. Our team of highly skilled technicians and associated services have been intentionally modelled to sustainably manage technology projects and their associated solutions.

Autônomo provides a unique ability to manage end to end services for technology, starting from design, through to installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance.

By listening to our customer’s needs and working closely with them to develop a picture of success. We are able to reach innovative, efficient and practical solutions suitable for the end user.

We believe; Innovation needs to be viewed in a holistic manner and the action taken to resolve any inefficiency needs to be sustainable. “Identify what we did yesterday, learning from the past and making it better for the future”.

Health, Safety and Environment

Autônomo is committed to achieving the highest performance in health, safety and environmental management. To achieve our objective of an injury and incident free working environment within Autônomo operations all personnel shall have an absolute commitment to safe work practices and environmental management.

Autônomo believes that by focusing on the below elements we can ensure our team can complete their job and return home safe at the end of every day.

Our Objectives:

  • Communicate Autônomo’s Health, Safety and Environmental policies and procedures to all Personnel and other stakeholders where necessary to ensure they are aware of their obligations under each policy.

  • Comply with all applicable Heath, Safety and Environmental laws, regulations, statutory obligation and other applicable requirements.

  • Involve employees and contractors in the management of Health, Safety and Environmental performance to eliminate all associated impacts.

  • Train and ensure that employees are accountable for their area of responsibility.

  • Manage risk by implementing systems to identify, assess, monitor and control health, safety and environmental hazards.

  • Ensure that all health, safety and environmental programmes are audited on a regular basis to evaluate validity, integration and improvements.

  • Continually improve our performance by establishing objectives and targets and monitoring results.

Our people recognise the importance of health and safety, with the entire team strongly aligned to our objectives & safety values.

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